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Relationship Driven


One of our primary purposes as a company is to establish positive and long term relationships with our clients, always understanding their needs and catering to their oil and grease requirements in a reliable, timely, and dedicated fashion. The relationships we have initiated with hundreds of clients over the years form the foundation of TriboLubes’ success and we continue to value and cherish all our clients consistently.

Career Opportunities


TriboLubes is opening doors of opportunities for career growth by expanding its manufacture and supply fields with more staff members. We believe in playing our part to engage as many people in our workforce as possible, helping reduce the unemployment rate of the country. Additionally, we are always keen to take in innovative and fresh minds into our team, understanding the value of natural talent and abilities.

Research and Development


Research and development is a major area of our corporation. It provides the insight and knowledge needed to become one of the most reliable and leading oil and grease manufacturing companies. It is because of research that we are able to remain a technologically advanced company, always staying ahead of the technology curve.

Support and Care


We offer extensive, consistent, and reliable support and care to all our clients. We don’t simply work to provide the right lubricants, we work to deliver solutions that are optimized to meet the needs of our clients and their respective applications.

Core Values


TriboLubes is based on a set of core values that reflect our name and purpose. These values include integrity and transparency, reliability, results-driven approach, positivity, and flexibility. We are honest and as helpful to our clients as possible.