Automotive Lubricants

Automotive lubricants guarantee the efficiency and full productivity of a vehicle. At TriboLubes, we are leaders in the manufacture of automotive lubricants that are designed for all kinds of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, commercial vehicles, and more. Our lubricants provide full and extensive engine protection and are also environmental friendly.

Industrial Lubricants

Industrial lubricants are critical for efficiency of heavy machinery in industries, delivering maximum performance and productivity and reducing wear of machinery. Improper lubrication can result in failure of machinery or equipment downtime. With TriboLubes’ extensive research and technology based manufacturing, our industrial oils deliver benefits of sustainability and environmental friendliness alongside industrial efficiency benefits.


At TriboLubes, we have a wide array of greases of diverse types including automotive greases, bearing greases, gear greases, environmental friendly greases, and more. Like lubricants, these greases play a crucial role in maintaining longevity and efficiency of an equipment or machine, protecting it from corrosion, wear, friction, and heat.

Specialty Oils

Specialty oils cater to the more specific needs for oiling that general oils and greases cannot cover. At TriboLubes, we manufacture a variety of such oils. With our wide range of specialty oils, we are tending to the unique applications of countless industries. Our wide range includes specialty oils like turbine oils, hydraulic oil, heat transfer oils, gear oils, and transformer oils amongst others.

Cutting Oil

Cutting oils compose of coolant as well as lubricant, manufactured primarily for the metalworking industry. TriboLubes is proud to serve the metalworking industry of India with our high quality cutting oil range.

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