• TL Neat Cutting Oil

Manufacturer Of Metalworking Fluid

TriboLubes manufactures and supplies a complete range of cutting oils, ferrous and non-ferrous compounds, hydraulic, way, and gear oils, greases, and other products. Our expertise spans from the design and manufacture of Lubricants, Cleaners, Quenching Fluids and Rust Inhibitors.

These Metalworking fluids are used as lubricity bases for formulating water soluble cutting and grinding fluids and in forming operations, such as drawing, stamping and rolling. They can be used alone or in combination with extreme pressure additives. TriboLubes Manufacturer Of Metalworking Fluid feature inverse solubility, they become less soluble in water as the temperature of the solution increases. When in contact with a hot tool or work piece, the fluid comes out of solution and coats the metal surfaces with a concentrated lubricant film, providing greater lubricity and heat removal.

We are expert in analyzing your specific application requirements and create custom fluids to maximize your process and increase the longevity of your equipment. Our programs help you control and manage a quality assured, JIT, zero inventory operation that can reduce excessive consumption, and allow you to run as efficiently as possible.

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