With a wide range of high performance specialty lubricants from TriboLubes, you can meet your auto lubrication requirements. TriboLubes is the answer to help prevent component failures, reduce costly warranty repairs and improve customer satisfaction. It can even help you develop solutions to increase

  • Driving comfort by reducing noise, vibration and harshness.
  • Performance by providing durable, long term lubrication
  • Safety by keeping inaccessible components working as designed
  • Reliability by withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh operating conditions

Smart Automotive Lubrication choices & options

  • Greases are designed for dynamic lubrication on all types of automotive materials, they have excellent resistance to heat and cold and contain solid lubricants to provide effective lubrication under heavy loads. These high performance fluorinated greases provide resistance to degradation from fuels and oils.
  • Compounds are grease like silicone lubricants that resist oxidation and maintain their properties over a wide temperature range, they are ideal as non-curing sealants or as release agents between metal and elastomer.
  • Pastes have high concentrations of solid lubricants and are especially valued as initial run-in and heavy-load lubricants.
  • Lubricating Solids are primarily used as additives for brake pads or lining formulations to improve wear resistance and control friction.

Anti Friction Coatings are paint like lubricants that contain a solid lubricant and binder dispersed in solvent carrier. The above coating forms a dry lubricating film to help prevent corrosion. Anti friction coatings are ideal for dusty environments and even for inaccessible parts that need long term lubrication.

With specialty lubricants from TriboLubes, you receive:

  • A very reliable, global supply of high performance lubricants for specialized applications
  • Effective solutions for many challenges

Collaborative problem solving and extensive product support

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