Manufacturer Of Long Life Grease


In today’s usage Long life Grease is an improved version over the regular multipurpose greases. It’s a unique base carrier ensures excellent lubrication over a different range of temperature. It incorporates a specially formulated soap system based on Lithium for high performance in automotive wheel bearings. This retains the structural stability of the grease over extended periods of operation. Consequently the grease maintains a superior tackiness and remains in the bearing without leakage for a longer period.


Recommended Application

Long Life grease is recommended for bearings of all Automotive equipments like passenger cars, trucks, buses, tractors and construction machinery.

Long Life grease offers a complete protection to the automotive wheel bearing and ensures a long and trouble free service.

Product Features

  • Excellent Structural stability even under extended periods of operation
  • Excellent load bearing capacity for heavy duty application
  • Improved tackiness
  • Improved Anti-Wear and Corrosion prevention for bearing protection
  • Excellent resistance to water and oxidation


The above greases are available in 180 kg steel barrels, 20/18/15/10 kg metal & plastic bucket packs.

Health & Safety

Long Life Grease is unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application & good standards of industrial and personal hygiene are maintained.


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