TriboLubes is a manufacturer of various types of lubricants, oils, and greases including Automotive Lubricant, Specialty Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Industrial Lubricants, Greases, Cutting Oil, etc. All of these are produced through extensive research and testing that are conducted at our facilities. Our facilities are equipped with state of the art equipment and the latest technological tools that aid our work in the most efficient and accurate manner.


Our testing lab is equipped with equipment like Viscometer Bath, Pour Point, Densitometer, Automatic Flash Point, Penetrometer, Water Wash, ICP, Color Comparator, etc. All oils and greases are tested for a variety of aspects in our laboratory, ensuring their quality and functionality are top standard. It is also at our testing lab that we guarantee all our products are environmental friendly, sustainable, and on par with international standards of quality.

Research & Development

Our R&D facility features professional research tools and resources, run by a team of researchers who are highly knowledgeable about grease and lubricant manufacturing. We engage in continuous research which is why we have a separate facility to aid our studies. This facility enables us to create innovative products that are highly useful to be used in a variety of industries, providing full efficiency and productivity.

Investor Presentation, January 2015

Proactively envisioned multimedia based expertise and cross-media growth strategies. Seamlessly visualize quality intellectual capital without superior collaboration and idea-sharing. Holistically pontificate installed base portals after maintainable products. Phosfluorescently engage worldwide methodologies with web-enabled technology. Interactively coordinate proactive e-commerce via process-centric “outside the box” thinking. Completely pursue scalable customer service through sustainable potentialities.