Extreme Pressure EP Grease Manufacturer

TriboLubes are the Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of wide range of Extreme Pressure EP Grease additives that allow formulators to produce high quality lubricants.  Extreme pressure EP Grease additives are lubricant components that chemically react with the metal surface to be protected, forming a sacrificial coating that prevents two metal surfaces from welding together under the high pressure and high temperature that occur during boundary lubrication, Extreme Pressure EP Grease additive produce a surface that is softer than the unprotected base metal.  EP BEARING GREASE is water resistant, highly tenacious and has excellent resistance to the effects of salt spray, heat, water, oxidation, high loads and other adverse conditions common to industrial usage. The product lowers maintenance cost and simplify inventory while providing excellent all-round performance.

TriboLubes supplies Extreme Pressure EP Grease additives based on sulfured carriers and chlorinated paraffin’s.  Extreme Pressure EP Grease 0, 1, 2 & 3 are recommended for almost all types of Industrial applications for plain, roller and anti friction bearings in wide variety equipments operating under severe shock loading conditions, such as earth moving equipment, gear couplings, electric motors, mining equipment etc. at a temperature up to 130°C.

EP Bearing Grease  Manufacturer was developed for general industrial bearing application for light to medium duty loads, can also be used on roller bearing and tapered roller bearings.  EP BEARING GREASE has a multitude of applications in industrial, automotive, mining, construction or anywhere an exceptionally high quality lubricant is required.

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